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We will not be doing any IN-HOME removals till Phase 3. All other services are being covered. 

Lifetime Guarantee for all bee removals. Plus, wasps & yellow jackets! Call the Honey Ladies today at (408) 531-5045

Emergency Bee Removal Services


(408) 531-5045

Lifetime Guarantee for all bee removals. Plus, wasps & yellow jackets!

honey in a jar

Purchase Bees and Rent Beehive Equipment

The Honey Ladies gives you the option to purchase bees and rent hives to help pollenate your beautiful yard.

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Purchase Local Honey

The Honey Ladies have 600+ beehives all over the Bay Area. Our honey is raw, unfiltered and 100% Grade A pure honey.

We harvest the honey made by our bees and bottle it FRESH for purchase at farmers markets around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Help Gilroy Garlic Survivors, "The Honey Ladies"

A man was climbing over the fence in the last hour of a 3 day HOT Garlic festival. My sister, her husband and son were sitting down to catch their breath after a long weekend. She was at the festival selling Habanero and Garlic Honey for her business, The Honey Ladies. Wendy, told the gunman, “No, you can’t do that!” As she saw him climb the fence with a gun. With that comment, all his attention was directed toward her and her booth. He opened fire on them, hitting both her and her husband. Their 3 year old son was dragged under the table by a brave 10 year old girl, that probably saved his life (Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️). Their son wanted to run to Mommy and Daddy. The shooter then approached closer to Wendy and her Husband on the ground, and said “are you alright?” in a very calm tone. They both played possum and did not respond, as he probably would have finished the job. The shooter then turned and continued on to the next group of people. A 6 year old boy was nearby and next. Wendy was particularly heart broken about his loss. I heard later that the officers heard the shots, and found active shooter #1 within a minute, and shot him. #2 is still being hunted for by police.

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live bee removal
live bee removal

Swarm and Bee Removal Services in San Jose, CA

The Honey Ladies is a bee removal company that removes bees from roofs, walls, chimneys, floors, and other hard to reach places…not to mention branches, bushes, trees, and inside valve boxes. We ONLY DO live bee removals. We have competitive rates for each type of job, and do not up-charge for live removal. Putting passion into action, rescuing bees is our core business value.

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Bee Packages, Hive Rentals & Checkups

Do you have a large garden but your fruits and vegetables aren’t getting pollinated? Would you like to jump start your garden and make it a flourishing, beautiful and bountiful producing machine? Then you need to buy (or rent) a Bee Package from The Honey Ladies. We deliver a complete hive – everything you need – including the bees! We install it in an ideal location to bring you maximum results.

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Purchase Honey and Many Other Products

The Honey Ladies have 600+ bee hives all over the Bay Area. Our honey is raw, unfiltered, 100% Grade A pure honey. We harvest the honey made by our bees and bottle it FRESH for purchase at FARMER’S MARKETS AROUND THE BAY AREA. We promise our honey is the best you’ve ever tasted! We also sell Honeycomb, 100% Beeswax Candles, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Honey Soap with propolis.

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Purchase Honey and Get it Shipped Right to Your Home!

PLEASE NOTE: We currently don’t ship internationally or to Alaska and Hawaii.