Live Wasp Removal

Wasps live in colonies ruled by queens and maintained by workers. They look and behave differently from bees. It is important to distinguish between these insects since there are different methods of removing wasps and even hornets.

Wasps are beneficial insects but are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting. A wasp problem in or around your home or yard can disrupt your daily life and put both you and your family in danger. Wasps are either social or solitary insects and can become a problem in autumn when they may disrupt many outdoor activities. All stinging insects are not “bees” as most people mistakenly call them.

If you, or a family member, are allergic to bee, wasp or hornet stings, the reaction might be serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. A bad reaction can occur even if the allergy had previously been non-existent or mild. After repeated exposure to bites or stings an individual’s allergy can worsen. Multiple stings or bites can be quite dangerous, especially to the elderly or small children. The Honey Ladies is one of the premier wasp pest control services in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area. Our professionally certified and trained beekeepers are skilled at removing wasp nests from your home or commercial property to give you the peace of mind knowing your family and loved ones are safe.

Wasp Removal Repairs

The difference between The Honey Ladies and our competitors is we can handle any repairs needed as a result of a wasp extraction job, e.g. Wasp Removal Repairs. This is the most effective way to permanently remove bees from inside of a void within a structure. This process involves removing the part of the structure where the wasps have created a hive and then fully repairing the structure back to its original form and look. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial building or a private home, our technicians have many years of experience and will treat your property the same as they would their own homes. Moreover, we back up our services with the longest warranties within our industry.

Emergency Live Wasp Removal Services 24/7

The Honey Ladies have Emergency Same Day Services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand every minute counts when it comes to the safety of your family, pets, employees or tenants or the possibility of a life threatening allergic reaction! We provide the services you need immediately.