Beehive and Bee Packages

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Honey Ladies is not providing bee purchases this year. However, we are still helping people with their hives and we can still arrange for a few people to get a swarm. 

Do you have a backyard hive and you need more bees to help pollinate your garden? Or you have a corporate site and want to contribute to a ‘Green’ environment by adding beehives? We have the solution for you!

With The Honey Ladies you can choose from many options. You can pick up your bees and use your own equipment or we can install it for you. If you need a complete hive and would like to rent one instead of buying onecheck out your options below.

Purchase Bees

3 lb Bee Package (All our Queen Bees and bees are healthy, Italian-breed.)

$130 Pick up the bees yourself and install with your own equipment.

$220 Installation done by The Honey Ladies with your own equipment

purchase bees or beehives

Beehive & Equipment Package- $545 (per hive)

Package includes (1) Brood Chamber, (1) Queen Excluder, (2) Honey Supers and Top & Bottom. You will receive 2 lessons with each hive.

Half of the cost is required upfront as a deposit. You will be contacted within 24 hours to collect payment by either check or credit card.

Please fill out the form below completely. Once finished, please click on the “Send My Information” button. The Honey Ladies will contact you shortly. Thank you!

Purchase Bees or Beehive Package

Please fill out the information below in its entirety or call us today at 408-531-5045. Once completed, hit “Send My Information” and someone will be contacting you shortly. Thank you!

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