If the present population trends of bees are anything to go by, then they might soon become an endangered specie. This calls for more care to be taken to ensure that the lives of bees are preserved.

If you are interested in beekeeping, then a beehive is something you would want to consider having. There are several reasons why you could think of having a hive full of bees in your garden.

Some of the most popular reasons include: 

  • Honeybees are good for biodiversity when they are within their native range. 
  • They are a fascinating specie, and you will enjoy watching their lifestyle as they come and go from the beehive entrance.
  • They help with improving pollination of your fruits and fruiting vegetables. 
  • It pays to go into beekeeping, i.e. managing the bee colony for harvesting honey in consumption or commercial quantity. 

Now that you have a reason to keep bees, the question turns to how you can attract bees into your human-made beehive. Interestingly, there are a good number of methods that work.

Check them out.

Build a Flower Rich Habitat

This is the most popular method of attracting bees, and most consultants are likely to ask you to do it first. Whether you are attracting bees to your garden, or to a hive that you’ve made for them, you want to do it correctly.

Most bees are easily attracted to flowering plants. They see it as food and shelter. Hence, you would want to plant up to three or more types of flower around the beehive. The planting of different flower species is to ensure continuous blooming throughout the year. 

Add a Bee Bath to the Garden

This is another alternative that works wonders when it comes to the attraction of bees to a human-made beehive. To survive, all species of bees require a source of freshwater. You don’t want them running off as soon as they come because of water. Bees have trouble using birdbaths because of their inability to land in deep water. So, most of them prefer to land on an island so that they can walk themselves to the edge where they can take a drink or bath without getting drowned.

The good news is that you can create your bee bath close to the hive. This is done by adding some pebbles and twigs to a shallow tray of water. The twigs and pebbles serve as a sport for the bees to land comfortably on without drawing.


Use Natural Alternatives To Pesticides

Just like most other insects, bees have a high level of sensitivity to Pesticides or other related chemicals. If you are going to control the pests in your garden, then you need to find alternatives that won’t scare the bees away. Consider the use of natural pest control methods like the sprinkling of food-grade diatomaceous earth.

In any case, have it in mind that some bee species tolerate the presence of humans around then more than others. These tricks above would help you set the path for bees to come into your beehive.