Beekeeping is one of the modern business to collect fresh without any hassle but this ease of natural product access needs professional handling and care.

Honey beekeepers are always concerned about the health and honey production rate of their bees. There are multiple factors either natural, environmental or pollution that could reduce the ability to forage. Among all of them, effects of smoke to bees is considered most influencing in decline of the bee population.

It’s A Necessity for Beekeepers, But Is Smoking Bees Bad?

Honey bees are one of the most active flying insects that are always remain concerned for their hive and they become violent instantly in response to any possible threat to their hive. Meanwhile they emit 2 heptanone and isopentyl acetate to alarm other hive members as well.

That’s the reason why beekeepers always have “bee smoker” in their hand and with few puffs of smoke bees entire bee colony will calm down. Basically smoke hamper their abilities to receive or send electro antenna graph responses to each other.

But majority of beekeepers often wonder: 1) Is smoking bad for honey bees? 2) Is there any negative effect on bee’s health or their honey production?

Smoke has reduced bees population (Proven research)

According to pen state university research smoke directly applied to bees and air pollution (multiple pollutants and smoke is one of them) is the key factor that have reduced bee population (Us agriculture department reported  that an average 30% decline from 2010 to 2018).

Smoke and air pollutant reduce ability of bees to smell floral scents that impacts on interaction between plants and bees (other pollinators as well). This decline in pollination could reduce wild plants and crop yields as well. All these facts are alarming!

Possible alternatives to Bee Smokers?

Beekeepers have different opinions about use of bee smokers. But ultimately, it’s important for each beekeeper to understand stimulus and behavior of bees’. This way they would be able to know that either they need to use a smoker or better to use beekeeping suit at time of inspection. But if you have bees with soft nature then it’s worth to try to inspect bee hive without smoker.

Conclusive words about effects of smoke on bees.

Bee Smokers considered to be harmful but only when it used inappropriately. Smoker produce heat and smoke at once and beekeeper should be trained enough to handle honey. He must know how to use smoker properly and don’t accidentally liquefy honey.

As professional beekeeper, it’s your duty to check temperament and behavior of hives bees. It’s your duty to decide as per circumstance that you need a smoker interaction with your hives or not.

If bees of your hive are pliant, you have no need to use any smoker for interaction or inspection. But for safety purpose you must be active enough to respond any aggression. Because we can’t rely on bees and wasp docile behavior and they could be violent at any time and so it’s better to use smoker or at least must have that in hand with intention to use in case of emergency.

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