You may be wondering how to kill a beehive if you observe a swarm of bees near your property. Removing a hive can be time-consuming, costly, and sometimes dangerous. But, before you take action against these buzzing insects, keep in mind that bees are beneficial pollinators. In fact, these insects, specifically honey bees, are responsible for a huge portion of the fruits and vegetables you consume.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional to remove a beehive is usually the best option. San Jose’s favorite bee eradication firm is The Honey Ladies. We have the tools and knowledge to not only remove the hive but also to do so without injuring the bees.

As trained beekeepers, we understand how to capture and relocate bees without harming them. We can do this by cleaning them or simply putting the hive in a bee box. We employ all necessary equipment to ensure everyone’s safety, and we will also remove all remnants of the nest.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have trusted and high-quality professionals.

Our Honey Makes Us Proud

Our honey and honey products are always raw, never filtered, and sourced directly from our beehives. We are happy to do all of our own beekeeping in order to serve you with the best-tasting honey.

Raw honey is a natural sweetener that is pure and unpasteurized and has been used for thousands of years for both food and medicine. Because our raw honey is organically certified, it is a highly sought-after natural component for both food and cosmetic applications. Organic raw honey preserves the beneficial antioxidants and microorganisms that are often lost when honey is prepared with high heat, as is common in grocery shops. The clearer the honey looks, the more processed it is, implying that it contains fewer nutrients and vital chemicals.

Many bee control companies save bees, but we can rest assured that rescued bees are given a safe home. After all, our hardworking and healthy bee colonies are flourishing and producing delicious honey and beeswax for us!

Our Most Requested Product and Services 

Techniques that are friendly to the environment. Non-professionals should not attempt to remove bee nests using do-it-yourself methods. Only a licensed bee control specialist should remove a swarm of bees. Because bees may sting in huge numbers, it is harmful.

While expert clearance of all stinging insect nests is recommended, there are a few things consumers may do to reduce the likelihood of bee infestations.

  • Food and beverages should not be left outside for long periods of time. Bees can be attracted to even used soda cans.
  • Ensure that all garbage can lids are securely fastened.
  • To limit the possibility of people being stung, keep garbage cans as far away from the property as possible.
  • Look for bee nests on your property.

You don’t have to use poisons to get rid of bees and wasps. Honeybees can be safely moved to a new hive after being collected in this manner. Our approach causes no harm to the bees and helps to Save them.